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We will be starting to publish information on each computer in the Spring semester of 2013

Below is a list of the analog computers in our collection.
  1. AMF Educational Computer
  2. Beckman ElectroComp
  3. Calculo Analog Computer
  4. Donner 3500
  5. Electronic Associates TR-10
  6. Electronic Associates TR-10 Model II
  7. Electronic Associates TR-20
  8. Electronic Associates TR-48
  9. Electronic Associates TR-48
  10. Electronic Associates Model 180
  11. General Electric EF-140
  12. Heathkit EC-1 (factory assembled by Heath)
  13. Heathkit EC-1 (factory assembled by Heath)
  14. Heathkit EC-1 (kit)
  15. Heathkit EC-1 (kit)
  16. MAC-1 Mini Analog Computer
  17. LAN-Electronics Analogue Computer
  18. (Pastoriza) Personal Analog Computer
  19. Sargent-Welch Scientific Company Cat. No.7528 Analog Computer
  20. Systron-Donner 3500
  21. Telefunken RAT 700
  22. Welch Scientific Company Cat. No.7528 Analog Computer

Not Analog, but very old!

  1. 1834: Series of articles from the Edinburgh Review on the Babbage Difference Engine
  2. 1889: An article by Herman Hollerith describing his Electric Tabulating System
  3. 1892: A wooden salesmen's model of the Electric Tabulating System
image of the AMF Analog Computer
American Machine & Foundry (AMF)
Model 665/D Educational Computer
image of the LAN Analog Computer
A rare LAN-ALOG Analogue Computer
made in Slough, England

image of the Donner Analog Computer
Donner Model 3500
(before merger with Systron)

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